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The Infinite Avengers

Okay, bear with me on this.  I went to go see Captain Marvel this weekend, and something occurred to me.

Every Infinity Stone now has an Avatar.  Not a Bearer, per se, because that implies someone who simply uses the stone as a tool, and I’m not sure that’s what they are getting at.  Instead think of them as a hero that has been created/influenced by contact with that Stone. Someone who can serve as a conduit through which that Stone can consciously wield it’s power. Count them down with me.

Vision is the Mind Stone’s Avatar

The Mind Stone (Yellow) == Vision, who was created by hijacking Ultron’s perfect body, mashing up the remains of the Jarvis AI and adding the Mind stone to the mix.

Dr. Strange is the Time Stone’s Avatar

The Time Stone (Green) == Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto very effectively and it’s suggested he’s the only one to do so in a very long time.

Captain Marvel is the Space Stone’s Avatar

The Tesseract (Blue) == Captain Marvel’s powers are the result of <<<spoilers>>>

Star Lord is the Power Stone’s Avatar

The Power Stone (Purple) == Star Lord (and the rest of the Guardians, but I think Star Lord is the primary “avatar” and the rest are just his support).

Jane Foster is the Reality Stone’s Avatar

The Reality Stone (Red)  == This one is trickier, I think we may discover that Jane Foster has been hidden away by SHIELD because she developed some superpowers.  

Young Gamora is the Soul Stone’s Avatar

And finally, the Soul Stone (Orange) == Gamora.  More specifically, the child-Gamora that speaks to and guides Thanos.

There have been a lot of theories floating around about just who is going to hand Thanos his *ss in the upcoming film and I am less convinced it is going to be A person, and somewhat more convinced that it will be the Stones themselves, acting through the heroes that they have each created.  This gives us a team of heroes to work with who have all received *something* from the Stones, whether it be raw power, intelligence, family, the ability to adjust time… all of which suggests that, when the time comes for the big throwdown, they are going to be the ones doing the heavy lifting.

So what does this mean? Are these folks going to form the core of the “new” Avengers?


As someone who grew up with the TV movie versions of Spider Man, the Hulk, even Batman *KA-POW*, I have to wax poetic on just where the reboots of these beloved heroes are headed.  I mean, back in the 80’s it was almost GUARARNTEED that any move that came out with a superhero in it was going to suck.  There was a brief flash of light when Tim Burton’s delightfully psychotic Batman came out, but then we relapsed into movies that only die-hard comic book fans could love (and sometimes not even they could stomach the tripe being shoveled into the theatres).

But NOW.  Hehehe.  Now something has changed.  We have Superman Returns, an all new Batman, The Hulk (the new one, with Norton), Iron Man (talk about a role Downey was BORN to play!).  Gone are the spandex-suits, the over-steroided actors (sorry guys, I know you had to go that route to make the spandex work), the line-by-line recreations of the origin stories.  In many cases they are staying true to the spirit of the original while allowing the IP to evolve and mature. They aren’t all perfect, but I will buy every single one just to make sure Marvel, DC and all those Hollywood guys keep pushing the content forward.