I write.  I do a lot of other stuff too, don’t kid yourself.  I’m a CEO in the mobile games industry, I’m on the board of a middle school, I teach game design courses, I got three kids, I’m a busy busy gal.

So why the h*ll am I starting a blog?

There’s stuff we all know through trial and error.  There’s stuff people *think* we all know, and noone ever thinks to repeat themselves.  These are observations, things I came up with in odd places, ideas that I suddenly find are different than what anyone else thinks is the norm, or ideas that EVERYONE else thinks is the norm, but noone knows why.

Some of this is reference, a place to plug some of these thoughts so I don’t lose them and can use them later.  Some of this is just me spouting out loud so I can see how silly these ideas really are before I use them IRL.

If you want to follow along, enjoy the ride!