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When I write sci-fi pieces, I’m usually looking at the mind.  Not just in how people act and react to one another, but in particular how they act and react within the constraints of technology.  In the proto-cyberpunk world I am currently working in, there is a certain amount of psychological risk when dealing with memories and experiences created through the use of implanted technology.  Not just the classic old trope of “can you be killed in cyberspace?” but a slightly more nuanced approach based around ideas like the one linked below.


SciFiEye: Migration 11


More tracks, evidence of life, of movement. The Migration continues, sooner or later they fall silent, waiting for renewal or recycling.

SciFiEye: Migration 10


The hour between twilight and moonlight is dim, tricks of light and shadows play heavily on the eyes and ears.  Under cover of this confusion the tiny predators emerge, red in tooth and claw.

SciFiEye: Migration 09



SciFEye: Migration 08

Still and silent, they rise above the line of vegetation, ever watchful.