Developments First Commandment

When working with computers, some things are just carved in stone….

SciFiEye: Transit 01


As we move towards mid season, the migrating fauna become more rugged, businesslike. The snowbirds and sunbirds have already settled, leaving the routes to the purpose-minded.

SciFiEye: Interstitial 08

Every living entity generates it’s own discards. Some are bright and speak an entropic language all their own, others are shed in defense, bearing scars and wounds not from battle, but simply from existing.


SciFiEye: Interstitial 07



Every place, every season provides a new taste, a new song. Travelers are encouraged to immerse themselves, to go native, even for just an hour at a time.

SciFiEye: Intersitital 06

Spaces built with the anticipation of being filled. The wear and tear is from the passage of time rather than use.