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Tachyon Reading Series

My publisher, Tachyon, asked me to do a reading for their YouTube channel from my upcoming novel, Nucleation. Being the supreme tech-geek that I am, I decided to go just a little bit further. I’ve assembled a series of six AR and VR avatars currently available and recorded one page from Chapter One wearing each. Here’s Avatar One, Chapter One, Page One for your enjoyment.

The Cover Reveal for NUCLEATION

Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, my publisher, the award-winning Tachyon Publications, has RELEASED THE COVER!!! And oboy did they make it AMAZING!

I would like to thank this bad*ss group of women for making my book a reality.

Jill Roberts – Editor Extraordinaire

Jaymee Goh – International Jet-setting Editing Goddess

Elizabeth Story – OH MY GOD SHE MADE THAT COVER!!!

Laurie MacLean – The Agent who Made it Happen

Cover for NUCLEATION, to be released in 2020.

NUCLEATION will be out in November of 2020, so stay tuned! The Kindle version is available for preorder at Amazon now, and the print version will follow shortly: https://www.amazon.com/Nucleation-Kimberly-Unger-ebook/dp/B084ZZM6YJ

And, because I am a tech person, I’m working on building out an app that will let you check out the AR version of my (and ultimately many other authors, I hope) book cover so STAY TUNED on that front.