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I Sold a STORY!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Galaxy’s Edge has acquired the rights to my Laumer-esque short story “The Aborted Robot Uprising of Tasty Home Things”. I don’t have a publication date yet, but believe me, I’ll shout about it when I do! You can check out this month’s Galaxy’s Edge at the link below…

Set it and Forget it




Some day I will own a Tesla.  That’s a given.  Not sure how I will actually, you know, pay for it, but a gal can dream, right?

As cool as this is, though, I’m seeing only half of the equation here. Something Tesla doesn’t usually forget.  The people half.

Humans like to f*ck with stuff. I’m not speaking of our innate desire to break open the housing and see the glowy flashy bits, but rather our inability to just leave something alone.  To set it and forget it, because we know, we KNOW, deep in our brains, that the one time we don’t double-check, is the one time something will go wrong and we will burn our house down..

Imagine, if you will, pulling into your garage in your shiny shiny e-car, pulling the parking brake and walking away.  No muss, no fuss.

You can’t do it, can you.

You’re going to end up standing there, every time, just to make sure your magic snakey-charger plugs in properly.  At first, it will be because it’s just so *cool*, but then you’ll find you just don’t trust it.  What if, this time, you parked an inch too far to the left?  What if one of the connectors doesn’t seat right?  Your palms will itch with the desire to just plug the d*mn thing in YOURSELF and be done with it.  And if you *do* walk away, you’re going to come back, just to make sure, even if it’s two in the morning and you’ve woken in the middle of the night.

Because there are some things we just cannot let go of.



Food as Art with Robots




God, I want to love this.  I really do.  Robots in my kitchen would just be too d*amn cool.  I’d actually host parties, like TONS of parties just so I could watch this thing work.  I’d be fat as a house because I would just ask it to cook dish after meal after snack so I could watch those beautifully animated arms chop carrots and make fresh pasta.  Really, tech this sexxy could be my undoing.

But it’s not quite right.

I get the idea that freshly made food almost always tastes better, presents better.  I get that idea that the precision and handling of the food, directly mapped from the hands of a professional, can give you an extra bump in quality, can give you extra style and flair.

But this is all mechanical.  This is all engineering.

Food is is the fine split between science and art.  It’s being able to adjust on the fly because the last batch of tomatoes was a little underripe, or you ended up with baby carrots instead of full-size, slightly imperfect horse-carrots, or you have plain old sea-salt in the larder instead of rose-colored Himalayan salt.

This robot can handle the mechanics of preparation, which is definitely an important part, but that will not change the *taste* of the ingredients that go into the dish.  So while you might have something that looks super-sexxy on a plate, it still might come out tasting like something out of a one star diner if your ingredients aren’t quite up to snuff.

And the robot won’t be able to tell the difference.