Thought Processes

This is why I love Science and Speculative Fiction as a class.  Not just the literary kind, but in all its forms and functions.  The thought processes that go along with the genre, the way the artists, designers, directors and writers think is almost 45 degrees from the rest of the creative process.  Take, for example, in the new TRON: Legacy film:

Joe Kosinski: We were just starting the sound portion, and the guys at Skywalker [Ranch sound studio] were telling me, “You have all these arenas and all these specific chants — that’s a very hard thing to fabricate. You’ve got to find a thousand people who are willing to follow chants.” So we were looking at sports arenas, and I realized, “Wait a minute! I’ve got Comic-Con coming! Let’s record the Comic-Con hall and get our crowd reactions in Hall H.” So we did it — all the crowds in the disc wars sequence are Comic-Con fans in Hall H. It was fun to put the fans who supported us in the movie itself. 

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This kind of thing doesn’t seem to happen as much when you’re working with drama, or cosies, or true crime, or romance.  With Science Fiction there seems to historically be an openess to ideas that may, at first glance, just be totally bonzo, but when the final execution comes down the line, you come out with a development experience that couldn’t have been created in any other genre.

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